Purple Flower Painting

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A captivating painting of a stunning purple flower with delicate details and vibrant hues.

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Experience the captivating beauty of a painting featuring a stunning purple flower. Meticulously rendered, the delicate details and vibrant hues bring the flower to life, evoking a sense of enchantment and grace. Immerse yourself in this artwork and be captivated by the allure of nature’s masterpiece.

Size Chart

2x3 ratio:

INCHES: 6"x9" - 8"x12" - 10"x15" - 12"x18" - 16"x24" - 24"x36"

CENTIMETERS: 16x25cm - 20x30cm - 24x36cm - 30x45cm - 40x60cm (up to 60x90 cm)

3x4 ratio:

INCHES: 6"x8" - 9"x12" - 12"x16" - 18"x24" - 24"x32"

CENTIMETERS: 15x20cm - 24x32cm - 30x40cm - 45x60cm (up to 61x81 cm)

4x5 ratio:

INCHES: 4"x5" - 8"x10" - 12"x15" - 16"x20" - 24"x30"

CENTIMETERS: 8x10cm - 16x20cm - 20x25cm - 40x50cm (up to 61x76 cm)

11x14 ratio:

INCHES: 11"x14" - 22"x28"

CENTIMETERS: 22x28cm - 44x56cm

International paper size for printing (5x7 ratio):

INCHES: 5"x7"

SIZES: A5 - A4 - A3 - A1 (up to 50x70 cm)

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